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Banking in the Fast Lane

Jump the line and open your smart account online in 3 quick steps. It only takes like 10 minutes so forget ordering a pizza.
Let’s get to know you for starters
Take a minute and tell us your story, who you are, what you do, your money situation.
It’s a Match!
You’re halfway there! All you gotta do is request your fancy debit card. We’ll beat the traffic to meet you wherever you want.
Welcome to Your
Done deal! You just have to sign some documents over a skinny latte with us and you’re good to take a smiling selfie.

Our Offerings

Looking to save?
If you’re saving for something special, setting a goal can help keep you on track using our Saving and Deposit Accounts.
Find the right credit card
Whether you are looking for convenience, technology, luxury or rewards, there could be a Saradar Bank card for you.
Looking to buy a home?
Whether you go for an off plan property or an existing flat, we’ll be there to support you with a loan that answers your needs. Check the many options we got for you and poke us to start now.

Banking On the Go

Find a comfortable couch. With our online and mobile banking, you wouldn’t want to move! You’ll love the convenience, the security and the many features of this free service.
Discover More
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Points, miles and more rewards that actually matter to you!

Travel on the house
Cross countries off that bucket list. We’ll take you around the world on the airline of your choice.
Earn points/miles
Your scoreboard is always lit with the points and miles you’ll score every time you use your card.
Got other plans?
You can exchange your points for cold, hard cash with our 1% Cashback plan.

Our Promotions

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"2bada Jadd"
Valid until December 31.
Get the chance to win a trip for 2 to Istanbul every time you use your Saradar Bank Debit or Credit cards to pay on any areeba POS machine in the Bekaa region. Terms & Conditions apply.
1 USD = 10 points
Valid until November 15.
Use any of Saradar Bank cards on and earn 10 points for every 1 USD spent.
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Our Blog

Look who’s blogging!

Yes, Saradar Bank is entering the blogosphere to reach out to you with inspiration, information, and entertainment.

Our team of young and dynamic professionals is eager to bring you the latest insights and news in an increasingly evolving and digital world.

Follow us to get advice from the experts!
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