Corporate Governance

Our Ethical Guidelines

Honesty & Integrity

Saradar Bank grants all its employees with the care and courtesy that they wish to receive; in return, employees shall conduct themselves with integrity and honesty, and meet the highest ethical standards in all business dealings. They accept responsibility, and hold themselves accountable for their work and actions.

Saradar Bank employees provide all facts truthfully when reporting or discussing issues. They do not solicit or accept bribes for the services provided within the Bank and do not receive presents from any person in any form that may be perceived as compromising to their integrity.

Equal Opportunity

Saradar Bank believes that leadership and vibrancy come from strong people who can express their own identities. To retain highly talented individuals, Saradar Bank encourages both individuality and team work. The Bank seeks different experiences and personalities to enhance its business and particularly the service offered to its customers. Within Saradar Bank, employees from different ages, gender, religion, political views and physical abilities come together for the purpose of achieving organizational goals and personal development objectives.


All Saradar Bank employees maintain confidentiality of information. They do not disclose in any form official information or documents acquired in the execution of their duties unless under proper authority or required by law to do so. No information is used for personal gain, or to the detriment of the Bank. Saradar Bank demands confidentiality in all matters during and after individuals leave the institution.

Conflict of Interest

A Conflict of Interest exists when a personal or family interest interferes with the employee’s ability to make objective business decisions on behalf of the Bank. It may occur when the individual’s outside activities or private motives conflict or appear to conflict with their responsibilities. These situations include, but are not limited to: giving and accepting gifts, supervising family members, running a personal business limiting employee engagement and/or availability, etc.

Saradar Bank employees remain independent and act in the Bank’s best interest. When facing a situation that may involve or lead to a Conflict of Interest, they timely disclose it to their supervisor and/or the HR department to resolve the situation in a fair and transparent manner.


Saradar Bank recognizes the necessity of transparency and accountability in its administration and management practices. Consequently, any concerns around business ethics such as – but not limited to – actual or suspected financial and procedural irregularity, failure to comply with legal obligations, negligence, malpractice, serious health and safety risks, etc. are promptly escalated through appropriate channels. Information is disclosed verbally or in writing to the direct supervisor and up to the highest level in the Bank to be addressed in an effective manner, without fear of discrimination, retaliation, harassment or threats.