Corporate Social Responsibility

The Corporate Social Responsibility is an integral part of Saradar Bank’s business philosophy and an important element of its development. The Bank’s contribution to the social sector, to the consolidation and expansion of its role is made through Fondation Saradar.

Fondation Saradar is a registered non-profit organization, recognized as an association of public utility. Since its establishment in 2000, it is dedicated to promoting culture, art, education and sports. Through its three main programs, Fondation Saradar aims at facilitating the access to learning, capacity-building, knowledge exchange, as well as professional sports training and support to Lebanese talents.

The wide array of educational activities and cultural initiatives seek to address the basic rights to education and information and the needs of the community. The goal of Fondation Saradar is to contribute to human well-being, to social integration and economic development, thus reinforcing the sense of belonging, leading to a more just, resilient and stable society.