SMS / Email Alerts

The SMS / Email service will keep you informed and updated about your card activities.

Among others, you will receive  alerts notifying you of the below:

  • Approved and Rejected Transactions: Each time you use your card you will receive an SMS / Email notifying you of your transaction details.
  • End-of Month Minimum Due: you will receive a message informing you of your monthly dues, your minimum payment and the due date.
  • Adding funds to the card: the SMS will inform you about the amount credited to your card and your available balance.
  • Exceeding your limit: an SMS will be sent to you once you reach 80% of your monthly limit.
  • Live Rewards: an SMS stating the balance of your accumulated points or miles will be sent to you.


You can choose to receive your monthly credit card statement electronically to your email address.

The e-statement will show all transactions performed on your card along with your remaining balance, your minimum due, your payment due date, the balance of your accumulated points or miles, your redeemed points or miles.

Online Account Access

Online and Mobile Banking 

Online and mobile Banking give you a quick, secure and convenient access to your accounts.

What you can do

Everyday Banking

  • View your Financial Position and Transactions
  • Transfer money and manage your beneficiaries (to be introduced soon)
  • Pay your Cards and Loans dues instantly (to be introduced soon)
  • Submit Service Requests such as applying for Cards and Loans, changing your minimum payment mode on cards, statement of account etc..


  • View your monthly Card expenses split by merchant category

Digital Convenience

  • Free of charge
  • Check your Loyalty Points and Miles
  • Perform Mobile Payments via CMO
  • Discover Products and Services
  • Check the latest news
  • Receive regular notifications

Platforms and Security

  • Mobile banking available for iOS and Android users
  • Online banking available on all browsers
  • Your personal information such as user IDs, passwords and account information are protected using advanced encryption methods

MasterCard For You App

To know more about the benefits on your card, you can download MasterCard For You App from the Apple Store or from Google Play.