2018 in Review: Saradar Bank Gets Off to a Running Start

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A new year could mean 365 new opportunities. The key is knowing which ones to select and take advantage of.

This is why before we embark on the exciting journey of 2019, we should reflect on the previous year and extract the key lessons learned.

At Saradar Bank, we embraced the challenges and achievements of 2018 as learning moments and inspirations to aim higher in 2019. We made an ambitious promise: to become leaders in digital banking and serve you better.

First, Saradar Bank was officially included in the list of “Alpha Banks” in Lebanon. In case you’re wondering, those are banks with customer deposits in excess of 2 billion USD, so yes, that’s kind of a big deal – but the real win for us was that we achieved the highest growth rate among our peers!

But enough corporate talk. Let’s talk about our important achievements, those that matter to you.


We made banking simple for you

In 2018, we announced our slogan to the world: Banking Made Simple.

And, of course, “simple” means more convenient, faster, and more efficient – in short: Digital.

Our track record so far:

- We became the first bank in Lebanon to allow people to open a new bank account online, from the comfort of their homes, in just minutes! Check out how quick and easy the Smart Account really is.

- We allowed you to easily set money aside for things that matter to you (whether it’s that new tablet, your child’s school tuition, a motor bike, or a trip to Cape Town) with our “Goals” feature

- We helped you better understand your expenses with another new feature we introduced inside our mobile banking app called “Spendings” (that’s right, no more trying to decipher a long and boring bank statement).

- We launched our new website – and our fans say it looks pretty sleek.

- We took a bold step off the beaten path of banking and started our own Blog to give you useful insights and updates on banking stories, technology, social responsibility, and more.

- We shared our activities and encouraged you to follow our stories when we kicked off our social media presence and landed on Facebook and Instagram.

- We brought the Bank closer to you through expanding our network of off-site Smart ATMs and refurbished our branches to better serve you


And we did not run out of breath

- We flew more than 150 customers to over 15 different destinations worldwide through our massive “Half the Miles” promotion.

- We also sponsored the 10 km Beirut Marathon Association event “Saradar Bank Women’s Race” that welcomed 4,350 runners – the highest number of participants since 2013.


2018 gave us everything we need to start running in the big leagues: the right athletes - our team of talented people, the right gear - digital, baby!, and the right methodology - the Agile model.

In 2019, we will be among the leaders who cross the finish line. All we need to do is improve our endurance, gradually pick up the pace, then push the envelope and set new records.


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