2019 Digital Year in Review

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Aaaaah the end of a decade… there’s something about fresh starts that gets us excited.

It was an intense end of a decade with economic challenges; but we’re taking on every hurdle with a fresh outlook on the upcoming years. 2019 was filled with conflicting emotions, thought provoking turning points, and critical moments for the entire nation. For us at Saradar Bank, it was the year we asked our most challenging question so far: How much of a bank can we fit in your pocket? We might have found some answers and probably generated more questions for the New Year, so here is our 2019 journey in review:

Goals, goals, and more goals:

If you’ve been keeping up with us, you probably know what we’re talking about. In 2019, we have set all the groundwork for a full-fledged digital bank through multiple touchpoints, starting with our “Goals” feature.. Some of you chose to set their goal and automate the monthly transfers. We were so glad to know that the Goals feature helped you roam the globe and save up for the perfect Mother’s Day gift. With numerous aspirations, more than 300 goals were achieved!

Rewards to the winners:

Life taught us that no achievement could go unrewarded, and our 2019 stayed true to that. From the Infinite Privilege visa card setting the standard for the most exclusive tailor made experiences offered by a bank in Lebanon to completely uplifting our Live Rewards Program, we were able to push you by pampering you. We enabled you to add the last miles on your fully paid trip with the “Purchase missing miles” feature

More power to your pocket:

Back to our main question. 2019 was the year we built numerous relationships digitally. Through our newly introduced online onboarding program, hundreds of you got the chance to open and run their accounts without a single visit to the bank- even though we were so delighted to see you filling up our new collaboration space, S17. Through your app, you’ve also maintained your connection to the world, with easy and seamless bill payments, we made sure that you’ll always be connected and pay your dues on time, hassle free!

As soon as we introduced “Money Coach” you seem to be asking less financial advice from your peers. Now you can track your spending in comparison with your income, spot your spending habits, and make rational financial decisions. Talk about New Year’s resolutions, am I right?

2020: BIG MOVES:

You can go anywhere in 2020, it’s a decade full of challenges that you can turn into opportunities and we’re setting out to help you take all of them. In 2019, we have opened our all new Training Academy- a modular innovation space to train our upcoming teams on the new age of digital banking. We’re also setting the groundworks for an all new in-app and digital experience so that you have more power in the palm of your hand. We’re proud of the relationships we’ve made, especially our online community constantly interacting on our social media channels and reading our blogs. If you’re reading this, we’re sending you virtual hugs and kisses.

Thank you to all our customers who stood by us throughout the challenges, for your trust, resilience, and most importantly your openness to change.

In 2019 we asked the question “how much of a bank can we fit in your pocket?” and in 2020 our answer will be “all of it!”

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