Back To School: The Prep Coach

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As we say goodbye to the last days of summer still drenched in soaring heat (thank you climate change), we’re all probably prepping our kids for the school season. For those of us who don’t have kids and are already done with the school days, you have successfully graduated from reading this blog. For the others, here are some important tips to help prep your kids for school:


Ease the Transition

Your kids are moving from waking up late, eating breakfast around noon, and having the rest of the day for themselves, to being ready at 7:00 am and spending the day in confined spaces with a preset routine. You need to remind yourself of those two extremes and assist your kids on the big shift.

- Starting a strict sleep schedule before the school starts is very effective and keep a regular bedtime even on weekends.

- You can also think of other ways to get used to the new routine, like the timing of your family lunch, making sure electronic devices are off more often, and getting your children in the right headspace to take on responsibilities.


Make a big deal out of it

Going back to school is a VERY big deal for our children. The healthiest way to approach this is to acknowledge how big of a deal it is and to make sure the whole family is embracing this change.

- Take your kids shopping for their supplies (make sure they’re engaged in choosing their supplies).

- Have them clean & tidy their rooms before the big day (so that they start on a proper note).

- Ask your kids to choose their first day outfit a day before (reminding them that every year, is a fresh start).


Prepare for the future

Parents need to be ready to facilitate the new learning experience, and children need to be ready to reach new levels of education and accomplish higher grounds. Having parent & children lists is your go-to solution:

- Ask your children to make a list of goals for the year. Aim for solid & reasonable goals like making 2 new friends, getting 4 consecutive straight A’s in math or saving for that class trip to Prague.

- Start preparing the daily todo routine list of inevitable tasks like planning or pre-packing lunch, checking homework, or event getting your children’s clothes ready.


First Day Fun Day

If you make the first school week exciting, your children will remember them as happy occasions (as it should be).

- Prepare a special breakfast, game, or ritual for your children’s first morning of school.

- Make sure to speak of school with enthusiasm and project that energy onto your kids.

- For extra support, head to school with your children on their first day to meet with the teachers and other parents you will definitely be in contact with them throughout the year).


Think Ahead

School experiences are always tricky, but they are vital for the character development of our children. Here are some important things to think about:

- Give your children an allowance, not pocket money. Tell them that it’s necessary to always save a part of their allowance once they get it as this could be the start of their financial journey.

- Debriefing the school day with your children is a must. Guide your children through their social interactions and keep an eye out for any aggression, social stigmas, or even new friendships.


Go back to the goal list periodically to assess your children’s progress and reaffirm their responsibility towards self-development. First day of school does NOT have to be the hardest.

You need to remind your children of how proud you are, how important school is in their journeys, and that they’re not alone.

Whichever play you choose to follow, the golden element to make it work is the participation of the whole family. It’s back to school for everyone, especially the adults!

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