How to Tell When You Are the Top Priority in Customer Support

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Nowadays, there are sophisticated software programs designed for call centers to be more efficient, but the key ingredient to success is not technology, it is humans.

The questions that callers ask may sound alike, but a professional call center employee knows that each individual caller has a unique personality and requires a different personal touch. One minute, any of our agents may be handling a chatty customer, the next they may have to deal with a frustrated caller who is in a deep hurry.

When you call Saradar Bank’s Contact Center, we put you in touch with the right person to handle your needs, whatever they may be.

For that, we ensure all our Remote Customer Experience Agent (RCEAs) have these essential qualities:


Our RCEAs need to be able to look at things from the point of view of each customer, and they must keep going with the changing flow.

Communication skills

It goes without saying that our RCEAs have top-notch communication skills and are fully multilingual. This involves not just speaking clearly and politely, but listening to the caller, digesting the information, and delivering a solution quickly and effectively.


To provide the highest quality support to customers, our RCEAs learn and memorize all the ins and outs of our products and services. More importantly, they are on board with our corporate values.

Organization skills

While attending to a customer, our RCEAs have to juggle multiple other tasks: checking the knowledge base, updating the CRM system, and taking notes. Staying organized helps them remain calm and focused, which allows them to address customers’ needs more effectively.

Digital savviness

In addition to all the above, our RCEAs need to know their way through the technology we use at the Contact Center. This technology is constantly evolving as we at Bank Saradar constantly seek to remain at the cutting edge of digital evolution.

A dynamic attitude

Finally, our RCEAs must be able to creatively combine all these skillsets to come up with the most satisfying solutions for any issue that comes their way. This guarantees that a customer will return and do business with us again.

So you see our RCEAs have a lot of responsibilities on their shoulders. This is why we take extra care to select candidates that are self-driven, highly creative and innovative.

Our RCEAs continuously provide us with insights about different aspects of their job and new cases they encounter. We also hold regular meetings and workshops for them to improve their response track and stay up to date with the latest advances.

As part of our drive to become more digital, we are preparing to introduce several innovations across the board, including in our Contact Center. Stay tuned!

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