Make the ATM Your Friend

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Most of us can agree that the ATM (Automated Teller Machine) is an extremely convenient machine.

If you hold a debit or credit card, ATMs are easy to use, they are available in most areas and 24/7.

They are getting smarter, allowing you to perform more banking transactions at your convenience; some of them with a video-based interactive technology allowing you to interact real time with a remote teller. These machines are known as ITM (Interactive Teller Machine).

ATMs have also become a channel for banks to market and promote their products, services and offers.

ATMs have been around for so long that most banks take it for granted that everybody knows how to use them. Well, that’s not fully the case. For example, do you know how much an ATM charges for a transaction? Is using an ATM really the best option in some cases?

Not everyone knows the answers to these questions so let’s take a closer look at what ATMs do, where to find them, and how, when, and why to use them:


How can I find an ATM near me?

All Lebanese ATMs are owned by Lebanese banks, so they are located either inside bank branches or right outside them. If there isn’t a bank near your location, you can also find ATMs in shopping centers, outside restaurants, near transportation hubs or gas stations, etc.

Since we’re living in a connected age, most banks now offer an online or app-based branch and ATM locator service that helps you find the closest address to your location.


What can I do with an ATM?

Every ATM allows you – at the very least – to perform Cash Withdrawal and Balance Inquiry operations.

However, smarter and more sophisticated ATMs now allow you to perform more operations. Depending on your bank (or the type of ATM), these operations can include: Cash Deposit, Check Deposit, PIN Change, Mini Statement, Credit Card Fees Settlement, Tuition Fees Settlement, Phone Data Recharge, etc.


Is there an ATM withdrawal limit?

Yes. Each bank sets its own ATM withdrawal limit on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. This is to protect you in case your card was stolen and someone else was trying to access your funds. Also, different cards can have different limits. For example, Saradar Bank World Credit Card has a higher limit than the Platinum Credit Card.


Does it cost money to use an ATM?

It depends on the type of card you are using and the ATM itself. ATM charge fees will be specified by the bank.

-Your own bank’s ATMs will not charge you for Debit Card transactions, but may charge fees for Credit Card cash withdrawal.

-Local ATMs of your bank network (in case it doesn’t have its own network and uses a shared one) will charge you for both Debit Card and Credit Card transactions and apply higher fees than those of your own bank.

-Local ATMs of another bank (not belonging to your bank or shared network) will charge you for both Debit Card and Credit Card transactions, and apply higher fees than those of your own bank and bank network.

-International ATMs will charge you for both Debit Card and Credit Card transactions and apply the highest fees.

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Do I need to know anything else?

This covers all the basics, but remember: ATM features will be a little different for each bank, especially when it comes to fees, withdrawal limits, etc.

Never hesitate to ask your bank for more information about their debit or credit cards and how they work with different ATMs.

And if you are a Saradar Bank customer, our contact center agents are always available to support you for any inquiry regarding your card.  Feel free to reach out to them on 01 214 666.

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