S17 by Saradar Bank - And the Pleasure Is All Yours

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Look! Around the corner!

It’s a bank! It’s a Co-Working Space!

It’s S17 by Saradar Bank!

Wait! What?

That’s right S17 has created quite a buzz around it since its launch on January 31, 2019.

For the launch, we had Pierre Rabbat as our TV guest host reviewing our digital services offering, while nutrition health coach Dania Jounblat shared healthy smoothie and juice recipes. Artists Nour Nimri and Bernard Najm performed live musical covers, and photographer Sayde Jabra captured the essence of S17 with its multi-level layout and welcoming atmosphere.

This begins to give you an idea of how versatile S17 really is.


But what is S17 exactly?

Well, the short version is that S17 is a daring and 100% unique new branch concept by Saradar Bank.

Why S17? Because 17 is the age when young people start thinking about real ways to make their aspirations a reality.

But maybe we’ve missed an essential point all that time?

So far we’ve been focusing on efficiency and convenience in our digital offering, and that’s great. But it’s still just business as usual.

What’s missing is pleasure, like the pleasure you experience when you walk into your favorite restaurant or store, or when you go into a movie theater or art gallery.


Let’s meet up at the bank… for some group work and lattes

S17 is a fresh take on banking. It combines the practicality of a digital bank, the convenience of a co-working space, and the conviviality of banking advisors.

S17 is designed for tech-savvy urban customers, putting at their disposal expert support for a host of banking services, as well as digital self-service channels and all the amenities of a co-working, networking, and meeting space – including coffee and snacks.

Saradar Bank aims to make S17 a platform where special events will be on offer all year long, from recruitment fairs to personal development seminars, finance workshops, and more.

You can hold a meeting with your startup’s design and development team, then go over the state of your seed funding with one of our representatives, and finish just in time to enjoy a coffee before taking that social marketing workshop – without ever leaving the bank.

Until you have the pleasure of letting us host you, read more about S17 and navigate through our 3D tour on our website.

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