Saradar Bank Declares War on Cybercrime

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Today’s bank robbers have evolved to adapt to banking industry’s increasingly digitized business and customers’ dependence on internet and mobile transactions.

The modern Bonnies and Clydes of bank robbing have swapped their guns for laptops; they don’t wear masks anymore but hide behind their screens instead; and they steal more than just money, targeting sensitive data they can use to cause greater damage.

And they are improving their methods all the time.

Traditional bank robberies have become very rare and unprofitable in the digital era (a successful heist yields only 31,600 USD on average). By comparison the global cost of cybercrime will exceed 2 trillion USD by 2019, with the average cost of a single data breach exceeding $150 million.

That’s why Saradar Bank’s cybercrime fighters are always vigilant!

Security is always a top priority for Saradar Bank starting with Top Management.

To deal with today’s cybercriminals, we have developed a new breed of highly efficient security guards.

Our highly-trained cyber-security team is fighting back by integrating advanced security mechanisms across our entire information system to protect ourselves, our customers, and our employees from data breaches.

We use state-of-the-art solutions like machine learning and cloud-based technology to capture and analyze forensic information about attempted or failed cyber-attacks. This allows us to understand new threats and continuously improve our lines of defense against them.

Moreover, Saradar Bank is one of the few banks in Lebanon to comply with leading international regulations and standards related to Information Security. We are fully equipped to serve and protect the integrity and confidentiality of your data.

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