Saradar Bank Women’s Race Breaks All Records!

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On March 31, the third edition of the Saradar Bank Women’s Race, organized by the Beirut Marathon Association was quite special for us – in fact, for everyone, and women first.

Indeed, it was quite an appropriate finish for the month of March, which many across the world celebrate as Women’s History Month – and the big finish was literally at the finish line of the Saradar Bank Women’s Race.

Women did write history on that Sunday of March 31, with more than 2000 participants.


Stronger and more determined than ever

First, heavy rains did not prevent thousands of participants – women, men, and children – from donning their running shoes and gear, and showing up for their race to defy the elements.

And the best part is, there were 250 participants from Saradar Group!

Sure, the stars of the event, Lebanese women runners from all walks of life, were soaking wet at times, and so were the men and children running the 5 km Fun Run and 2 km Run with Parents… but this didn’t take away any of the fun or sense of achievement.

Was it crazy? Well, we showed them just what crazy can do!

This proves just how important the Saradar Bank Women’s Race has become as a platform to unite Lebanese women and give them the chance to shine and express themselves, their dreams, their aspirations, and their causes.

For the fourth consecutive year, Lea Iskandar from let’S run finished first in the 10 km race, and set a new personal record of 37 minutes and 39 seconds! Other women from let’S run finished among the top 10 in the race: Nada El Kurdi and Jasmine El Achkar. In the 10 km para-athlete race, French athlete Marie-Noelle Japy set a new personal record of 25 minutes and 30 seconds in the hand cycle category.

Our CEO Mr. Mario Saradar and the President of the Beirut Marathon Association Mrs. May El Khalil, gave out the awards to the winning runners.

But the Saradar Bank Women’s Race allowed women to do more than show off their athletic abilities. It provided an opportunity to raise funds and awareness for charitable causes.


The most beautiful edition of the event

Another great reason for the success of the event was the location, which proved to be a big hit with the participants!

This was the first time a racing event was organized inside the Port of Beirut. Running along the Beirut coastline, alongside cargo ships, between shipping containers, and under the huge red and blue dock cranes was a visual feast, even under the rain. In fact, many runners took a break to catch their breath and capture the scenery on their phones.

Saradar Bank colleagues who weren’t running still showed up to cheer the runners on or volunteer with the race organizers, helping with logistics, reception, and social media coverage.

We’ve really set the bar high for the Saradar Bank Women’s Race this year… but we bet you we can do even better in 2020!

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