Saradar Bank's Mobile App Update Is Packed with Exclusive Perks for You!

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A while back, we promised you one thing: Banking Made Simple.

How do we propose to do it? For starters, with a mobile banking application that gives you the full convenience and functionality of a digital banking experience.

And that’s what the recent update on our mobile banking application is all about.


Looking good and feeling even better

Our developers asked us to tell you that the Saradar bank application now has a radically new User Experience with a fresh and completely face-lifted User Interface.

Kudos to them! Now for those of us who don’t speak tech, this means that our app is now better adapted to your lifestyle and needs.

When you open your updated Saradar Bank application, you will notice it has a completely new look and feel designed to provide you with a better viewing experience and access. First, you can now view your accounts, cards, loans, Live Rewards points on the new landing page in a fresh “News feed” format.

Now this is where it gets interesting. The app also tracks your financial operations to give you a personalized report of your spendings (find out more below), and occasionally recommend products and features that make your banking experience simpler.

We also redesigned our Cards and Transfers sections to list all your transactions more clearly and facilitate conducting card payments and money transfers.


Unboxing 2 unique all-new features!

We think you will fall in love with these new features – we are very excited about them ourselves:



You are going to like our new expenses analytics feature. “Spendings” instantly shows you exactly how much you’re spending (whether by debit/credit card, account transfers, or checks), what you are spending on, and where you are spending it.

The days of digging through your bank statements to make sense of your expenses are over.  “Spendings” automatically organizes your expenses and breaks them down by transaction type, merchant, country, and category. And, of course, you can re-organize the categories as you prefer.

You’ll see right away what percentage of your spending goes to paying bills, eating out, shopping. And this means: better financial planning and budgeting!



Now this is huge. “Goals” is one of the easiest and fastest ways to put money aside for… well, absolutely anything you want!

In theory, saving money is a straightforward enough task. In reality, however, it is easy to get sidetracked or lose sight of your goal.

With “Goals,” you actually create a mini (and totally free!) sub account with Saradar Bank that helps you save money for that new phone, your child’s college fund, or your dream holiday.


And that’s not all!

We are constantly working to make the Saradar Bank mobile banking application smarter and more useful for your everyday needs.

We’re planning even more awesome features this year!


Find out all about the Saradar Bank mobile banking app and download it for you Android or iOS device now.

If you are not a customer yet, see how easy it is to join Saradar Bank today!


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