Success Is Nothing if You Don’t Have Fun Getting There

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A healthy and strong corporate culture is critical to the success of an organization and gives all stakeholders a sense of pride and belonging.

Who are we kidding? People rarely check out the “Core Values” section on any company’s website.

So relax, we’re not going to bore you with a brochure about Saradar Bank’s Core Values.

Instead,  we want to share with you some of the exciting things we’ve done lately:

1. We’ve been giving a whole new dimension to “open communication”

Over the summer, we held our first series of “Ask Your Management Team” sessions where anyone and everyone (and  we mean everyone) got a chance to have an open discussion with senior management – ask questions, voice concerns, or make suggestions.

In fact, top management has already implemented some of the suggestions they received, and this has given more of us a real sense of involvement and partnership at work!

2. We’ve given ourselves a little break…

Yes, we work hard. But come on! Everybody knows that in August, the “smell of vacation” is in the air–, who wouldn’t like to relax at the beach or drive up to the mountains instead of spending their whole day in an office? So, we applied a special, shorter schedule during that month.

And wouldn’t you know? Everybody loved it! You could truly feel the positive spirits and energy in people coming to work every day.

3. … and a few perks

The summer schedule may have ended in September, but not the fun. A couple of days after we got back to “full-time,” we had the guys from PopCity over to spoil us with their delicious (and super healthy) popsicles for an Ice Cream Fiesta!

4. We brought our “ tribe” closer together

Twice this summer, we brought part of the tribe together at Le Royal in Dbayeh for an afternoon of bonding. after a series of interactive presentations, we put together Special Ops teams and gave them a mission. The “commandos” had to combine their skills and work together as a team to rescue some of our colleagues being held as “hostages,” and defuse two bombs (don’t worry, it was all make-believe).

Of course we had a great summer, but this was all part of something else.

In fact, we were living one of our core values; to Create a Unique Environment for our People.

And this is just the beginning! Moving forward, we will have more opportunities to continue engaging with our people and growing our family.

Together, we can reinforce Saradar Bank’s Values  and build the organization we can call “home.”

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