Take Control of Your Happiness and Health

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A positive mood can do so much for you: It builds up your confidence, promotes your personality around your peers, and improves your motivation in any decision you choose to move on with.

Many of you have experienced long periods of bad mood. You wake up on the wrong side of bed every morning and face the prospect of a boring routine over and over again.

Trying to change this mood by forcing yourself to smile and going on with your day is not the most effective strategy. You get impatient, you grow irritable, and others start feeling the same way too. Before you know it you’re experiencing chronic stress, burnout, and depression with all the health problems that come with them.

Maintaining a positive mood requires continuous action, not reactions. It may seem like a lot of work, but eventually it becomes very natural, and it is definitely worth it.

Here are the 5 keys to staying positive at work:

1. Mingle

You spend more time with your work colleagues than with your friends outside the workplace. So keeping a good relationship with your colleagues is necessary to increase your motivation to work and your engagement with your responsibilities.


2. Go out!

Please don’t have your lunch or afternoon coffee at your desk. Take a walk or meet-up with a friend during your break instead. Physically removing yourself from your work environment, even for a brief period of time, can act like a reset button for your mood and bring you back to work with a fresh attitude.


3. Be kind

Small acts of kindness towards your colleagues improve both their mood and yours, giving you a sense of deep satisfaction. Write happy notes for your colleagues, offer them help, give out candies, or get creative with kindness.


4. Get curious

When you shut your brain from learning new things, you invite only negativity to flow in. Always be curious to learn more about your environment, adapt to it, master new skills, and become a better achiever. 


5. Avoid gossip

Try to stay away from gossip, whether it’s about other colleagues or people in general. The stories may seem interesting at first, but you will soon feel overwhelmed by unnecessary information keeping your mind busy.

A good mindset towards your work can be highly beneficial to your career. It can drive you to take the lead, maybe be next in line for a promotion, and most of the time act as a positive role model to your colleagues.


It can also do wonders to your health. Say goodbye to stress and depression, and say hello to better cardiovascular health, better sleep, and an increased lifespan.


Stay healthy, stay happy, and pay it forward!

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