We’ve Made It So Easy for You to Spend Smartly

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Has your current account recovered from your recent end-of-year spending yet?

We know; it’s tough to manage your spending effectively.

We’ll let you in on a little secret: Probably the only people who can track their expenses and balance their budget flawlessly are accountants. And we bet even they have trouble sometimes.

Now suppose we told you that you may never have to ask yourself: “Where did all my money go?” again?”

Sounds too good to be true? Challenge accepted.


“Spendings” is here to make your life easier

When Saradar Bank launched its updated mobile banking app, we introduced the new “Spendings” feature – the ultimate way to manage your expenses so far (until we come up with something even better).

Your days of balancing a budget on Excel sheets and desperately trying to keep track of your money are over.

The “Spendings” feature tells you all you need to know about how, where, and on what you spend your money!

- First, it covers everything. Card payments, account transfers, checks… it’s all there!

- Second, it’s as convenient as it gets. We’ve arranged your spendings into categories; you can deep dive into each one and check out the list of transactions under it: how much you paid for dinner or how much that new pair of jeans costs…

- Third, it puts you in full control. Let’s say you want to review how much you spent on your last vacation; you can filter your expenses by location, account, and timeframe.

And maybe you think you can categorize your purchases better than our app? Why not? We’ve given you the full flexibility to reorganize your spending categories the way you think works best for you.

- Fourth… Just kidding. If you expect more, you should probably hire a private accountant… or wait for our next app upgrade.


Don’t take our word for it. Log on to the Saradar Bank app and see how easy it is to plan for every dollar with “Spendings”.

Find out all about the Saradar Bank mobile banking app and download it for your Android or iOS device now.

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