Why Saradar Bank Talks to You Like a Friend

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What sort of conversation do you enjoy the most?

A conversation with friends, of course! (Yes, that can also include your relatives).

Talking to a friend or someone you love and trust is simple, it’s clear, and you feel comfortable doing it.

And becoming your friend is the challenge many businesses are taking on recently, starting with the way they talk with you.

This is known as the Tone of Voice – TOV for short – and it gives a brand its own distinct and recognizable voice.


Do banks need to change their tone of voice?

Banking – like medicine, technology, or other specialized fields – has its own language, and it can be a headache to understand it. Trust us, we know; we weren’t born bankers.

You think you can understand common banking terms like ABS, annual percentage rate, overdraft protection, and premium checking? What about 3D Secure, NFC, SWIFT? And don’t even get us started on GDPR, AML, CFT, and FATCA!

Added to that, messages from your bank are usually about business and sound formal – too formal, it seems.

Sure, banks need to project security and professionalism for people to trust them with their money. But if banks persist in using only obscure language and speaking in a cold tone, people are going to find it hard to enjoy the conversation.

This is where marketing knowledge and basic human psychology come in to try to improve banks’ TOV.


Saradar Bank: Our tone of voice captures our values

When we began our new journey at Saradar Bank, we had great ambitions to become leaders in innovation and deliver products that answer and continue to adapt to your evolving needs.

Almost immediately after, we decided we weren’t going to let language come in the way of these ambitions or our relationship with you. And this is how we began creating our new TOV.

Our master plan involves three key guidelines:


1. We want to involve you

We engage with you in an open dialogue. This blog right here is an example of the format we follow. 

Many of you may be familiar with the KISS principle (Keep It Short and Simple) in communication: whether writing a report, procedures, or greeting cards, KISS guarantees maximum clarity, engagement and impact.

This was the starting point for us in designing all our messages. We put a lot of thought in choosing the right word and wording, but we don’t bother you with the details. In short, we cut to the chase and we always adopt a friendly tone of voice when we talk to you.

If something needs more detailed explanation, we are happy to provide it.


2. We aim to be high-quality but accessible

Earlier, we mentioned 3D Secure, GDPR, and a bunch of other acronyms. These may mean nothing to you, but they are actually very important guidelines and considerations in building a bank’s reputation.

We want you to know this and are working hard to measure up to your expectations.

One of the main reasons why we created this blog is to break down the hermetic language of bankers into a friendly conversation with you. For example our own experts have taken the time to write these entries to explain some obscure banking terms and how they relate to you:

Is Your Card 3D Secure Yet?

What you should know about GDPR, and why it matters to you

KYC – The challenge of knowing your customer

To Accept or Not to Accept Website Cookies?


3. We take great care to be extremely positive

That goes without saying, not just in the way we do things, but also in the way we talk about them.

We don’t sugarcoat bad news or hide them, but we definitely look for the “half full” part of a glass.

To put it simply, we still talk banking but we now sound like your friends.

We promise you haven’t seen the last of our efforts yet. TOV guidelines is just the start: they’re tools, but it’s up to you to tell us whether we’re using them the right way or not.

We decided to share these guidelines with you because we want to be held up to those high standards!

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