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What we offer

To succeed means to innovate and work with a trusted partner.

At Saradar Bank, our business banking services are set to empower your business so your growth plans in Lebanon or anywhere in the world are on track for execution.

Our goal is to keep you in the innovation lab so you can focus on development, grow and take your business forward.

Our products range from Standard Lending Products such as:

A-team of expert relationship managers
Innovative financial solutions tailor-made to your needs
Strong market expertise in different sectors
Fast response to your requests
Financial solutions to enable your success.

Whether your business is a corner shop or a multi-million dollar conglomerate, our business banking services can be customized to fit your needs. Our approach stays the same. We are efficient, serious and hungry for your success. We dissect your plans and take a sincere interest in what you do. We work swiftly and flexibly to draft smart financial solutions that enable your business and we forge long-term partnerships that keep growing with trust.

Our business banking products range from standard lending products to customizable solutions.

Standard lending facilities
Overdraft, Trade Finance, Term Loans, Goods Financing
Subsidized/Incentive loans
Offered under BDL or Kafalat Programs
Bridge/Project/Cash Flow Gaps Financing
Who we serve
SME’s drive innovation and play a major role in the development of Lebanon’s economy. We look forward to give you the boost you need to grow your business and achieve all your goals.
Whether you’re looking to finance working capital needs or projects, count on us as your trusted partner, the one who will go all the miles needed to make it happen.
Corporate & Commercial Companies
From financing your cash flow requirements to taking care of growing receivables, we’ll support you with a range of business banking products and services to keep your business on the right track for growth.

Boosting your business, the smart way.

We know that running a business takes a tremendous effort. We also know that cash flow can be an issue sometimes, let alone all the administrative tasks you have to deal with. Make a smarter move by letting us shoulder your business a bit with our Factoring products.

Know More

Factoring is a smart way to finance your business in the short term. We take your receivables (you being “the client”) and we finance you against them (we’re “the factor” here). Going forward, we collect your receivables from buyers (a.k.a. “the debtors”).
The Process
Whether your operations are local or international, our factoring products and services can be customized based on your needs.
Get in touch with one of our Relationship Managers to get started today.

The Wins

Factoring can give your business a smart way of financing and can free up your back office resources for more innovative tasks.
The benefits can be summarized as follows:
Credit management optimization: We give you the analysis behind the numbers
Significant cost savings for your business as your costs will be variable under this structure

Types of Factoring

We have factoring products that cover all requirements.
Recourse and non-recourse factoring on the domestic market (Notified and Non-Notified)
International recourse and non-recourse factoring (For exports and imports)
Invoice Discounting
Forfaiting Operations
Reverse Factoring
Other tailor-made products


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