Tag dreams. Make them happen.

Take a vacation or finish that mountain house renovation. Whatever your goals are, we have a personal loan that can get them done!

Personal Loan Basics

Available in
Up to
USD 50,000 or
LBP 75,000,000
Up to 5 years

Conditions and numbers to know

We’d love to be the bank of your choice in Lebanon! Moving forward, we will require you to provide a life insurance in favor of the bank covering the loan period and amount including interest.
Rate of 20%
in USD
Rate of 22%
in LBP
Low file fees of USD 75 or LBP 112,500

Boxes to tick

To qualify for the personal loan, we make sure you meet our eligibility criteria.
You’re from Lebanon and can prove it with a “hi, kifik ca va?” and an ID.
You’re between 21 and 64 by the end of the loan period.
You’re running your own business or you’ve been employed for more than 2 years.
Grab a calculator for this one. Your monthly personal loan installment must not exceed one third of your monthly income if you’re an employee or one quarter if you’re self-employed.