Online & Mobile Banking

We’re always online to give you more! Access our online and mobile banking services securely from any browser or download the app (Apple Store and Google Play). You’ll be able to:

1. Better understand your finances and get deeper insights on your money inflows and outflows.

2. Plan and achieve any financial objective with "Goals" by setting cash on the side.

3. Check your accounts’ balances and skim through the transactions.

4. See your loans and settle any due payments.

5. Review your cards activity and pay your monthly dues.

6. Keep an eye on your expenses by sorting your cards expenses according to merchant category.

7. Transfer money to any beneficiary you choose.

8. Submit service requests like personal loan application or statement of account.

9. Pay postpaid phone bills or recharge any prepaid mobile line and settle the amount directly from your current account.

10. Do mobile payments via CMO.

11. Follow up on your Live Rewards points balance as you wait to clinch your rewards.

12. Get fresh news about our plans to serve you better and any new products or services.

13. Add money to your Saradar Bank accounts from any other bank using your cards.

Live Rewards Loyalty Program

Things you need to know

It doesn’t really matter if you’re buying flowers from the shop around the corner or a Eurostar train ticket in Paris. With our Live Rewards program, every dollar or dollar and a half spent with your card adds a point to your balance depending on the card you have. Your wish list is found in our catalogue. Dive in, we got plenty of options to screenshot:

Transfer points

Feeling generous? Now you can gift your points to any Saradar Bank cardholder with our instant transfer.

Purchase points

Short on points? Don't let this stand between you and your favorite gift. Buy the missing points you need instantly.

Shop your “Likes”

Your favorite retail stores and brands are in! Scroll your way through our many gift options and choose what you love in fashion, electronics, lifestyle, and much more. Get your rewards delivered to your door free of charge or to your email.

Go to LIVE Rewards

CMO Mobile Payments

About the Mobile Application

Your CMO account gets linked to your card account, so basically any purchase you do through the CMO app will be captured in your card statement.

Worried about security? We got you covered. Every transaction you do will be authenticated with an OTP (One Time Password) that you get by SMS.

No need for the pin. Actually no need for the card too! The Contactless Technology in the CMO sticker is designed to make your small payments, like evening home shopping quick and easy. Just add the CMO sticker to your phone and tap any terminal showing the Mastercard contactless payment symbol to complete your purchase.

CMO Sticker

All payments will eventually show on your monthly credit card statement.
Maximum allowed transaction value: $50
Maximum allowed daily transactions value: $150
Maximum daily allowed number of transactions: 5

What can you do with CMO?

With CMO, your phone is like a tech-swissknife. You can use it to pay merchants, settle bills, withdraw cash and do transfers! Here’s a list of your new superpowers:

1. Pay to Merchant (P2M): Pay any CMO participating merchant by providing your mobile number and OTP.

2. Cardless ATM Withdrawals: Withdraw cash from any CSC Network ATM by choosing “Cardless” from the main screen and using the code provided to you instead of your physical card.

3. Person to Person Transfers (P2P): Transfer funds locally to another CMO user by simply entering the amount to be transferred and the OTP.

4. Recharge Prepaid Mobile Lines: Recharge your Touch and Alfa prepaid lines instantly by inserting your mobile number and selecting the amount to be recharged.

5. Pay Internet Bills: Pay your internet bills seamlessly by accessing “Bills and Recharge” and selecting the internet company.

CMO Limits
Functions Max amount per transaction Max amount per day Max amount per week
P2M $350 $1,500 $3,000
P2P $100 $250 $500
Cardless ATM $200 $350 $500
Contactless Payment

Forget about the PIN and keep scrolling your instagram feed. With the contactless technology, you tap your card* to pay and you’re good to go with your groceries.

Whether you’re in Lebanon or anywhere in the world, you can benefit from this cool and safe technology when paying at any merchant displaying the Mastercard Paypass logo.

All you need to do is to tap your card on the contactless POS machine and your purchase is done.

For safety reasons, we put a limit on the transaction amount for using the Contactless Technology. You will need to enter the PIN for purchases above a certain limit.

*Available on selected cards

Chip and PIN

You’ve probably heard a story or two about someone who got scammed after swiping their card. Worry not! The Chip and Pin technology is like a safety shield for your card.

Basically your card* comes with an embedded chip* that adds an extra layer of verification to the transaction process, keeping your information more secure.

How it works?

Whenever you’re paying a merchant or using an ATM, you insert your card in a card reader and you enter the PIN that we provide you with to finalize the transaction.

*Excluding the Internet card


We won’t give you special glasses for this one. What you’ll get instead is great protection for your online shopping. Still a yey right?

In a nutshell, the 3D Service authenticates the cardholder when paying online and thereby keeps the online fraudsters at bay. More than 350,000 online merchants have signed up for this service to keep your shopping safe.

How it works?

Everytime you’re checking out at a registered merchant website, you get asked for a 3D Secure Password to complete the transaction. We automatically send you that password (known as One Time Password or “OTP”) to your mobile number so you can finalize the payment. The OTP is valid for one transaction only and for 30 minutes from the time it is generated.


Long line in the branch? Your battery is begging for a charger at 1%? No problem! Pull over at a Saradar Bank ATM for cash withdrawals and many other services.

What you can do at the ATM?

1. Cash Withdrawal and Fast Cash in both USD and LBP
2. Do cash and check deposits
3. Check your account balance and request Mini Statement
4. Change your debit and credit cards PIN
5. Recharge your Alfa or Touch prepaid line
6. Do cardless ATM transactions


Bills! Going to 10 different places to pay them is from the past. Choose the Bill Domiciliation Service and pay your bills automatically from your account.

What can I pay? Choose this service to pay for your mobile, landline (Ogero), Electricity (EDL), Internet, Card payments and other companies’ bills

How much will it cost?

- LBP 3,000 for Landline (Ogero) bill payment
- LBP 3,000 for Electricity (EDL) bill payment
- $3 for all other bill payments

Safe Deposit Box

It’s like the one you see in the movies minus the suspense music.

Available in small, medium and large sizes, the Safe Deposit Box is an ideal choice to store personal belongings like jewelry and important documents, so your secret will be safe with us .

How much does it cost?

We’ll ask you for a refundable deposit of $250. The yearly fees for the box are as follows:
- Small box $200
- Medium box $333
- Large box $500


SMS and Email Notifications

You won’t be left in the dark! SMS and Email notifications will light up your screen about anything that happens with your card. Stay in the loop with our SMS/Email service and get notified about:
- Any transaction that goes through or is rejected
- Your monthly dues, minimum payment and the due date
- Any amount credited to your card along with the available balance
- A notification when you reach 80% of your monthly limit
- Live Rewards updated point balance.


Save the planet one paper at a time and have an electronic credit card statement delivered to your inbox.
The e-statement shows you all your card transactions along with your remaining balance, your minimum due, your payment due date, the balance of your accumulated points and your redeemed points.

Mastercard “FOR YOU” App

Get to know more about the benefits found in your card. Download the Mastercard For You app from the Apple Store or from Google Play.