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Top-Up is your digital gateway to add money in LBP and USD from any local card into your bank account. Tap on “Add Money” to get started.

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Register any debit or credit card issued from a local bank and you’re ready to move your money from any local bank to your Saradar Bank accounts with just a swipe. Tap “Add card” to get started.

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Transfer Your Amounts
Select any of your registered cards and specify the amount to add money to your account effortlessly. Shortcut your bank visits and Top-Up your Saradar accounts securely from the comfort of your Saradar Bank mobile app.
Top-Up terms and conditions

Adding an External Card

Terms and conditions

You must be the owner of the card used to Top-Up your account.
Only cards issued by a local bank can be used to Top-Up your current account.
Cards issued by Saradar Bank cannot be used.
Card issuer FX transaction limits or additional charges may apply. Please check with your bank.

Top-Up Limits and Conditions

Maximum Top-Up Amount per Card Daily 500,000 300
Maximum Top-Up Amount per Customer Daily 1,000,000 600
Maximum Top-Up Amount per Customer Monthly 10,000,000 6,000
Minimum amount per transaction LBP 75,000 (or C/V)
Maximum of 10 Top-Up transactions per customer per day.
0.5% commission of the Top-Up amount will be applied on each transaction.
Top-Up Amounts will be booked instantly and available for your disposal after 2 working days.