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The Saradar Bank Training Academy welcomes Saradar Bank teams into a forward-thinking environment within its hybrid spaces. With a wide range of personal-productive and shared-collaborative spaces, it is built to empower the progressive thinkers, game changers, and the pioneers.
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The Social Sphere
A space to grab your coffee and positively connect with your teammates. At the core of every great idea, was an even greater conversation.
The Cocoons
Get hands on and grow into your own bubble at one of our Cocoons. Work on your deadlines, brainstorm, and strategize at your own personal space and pace.
The Green Field
A space for team assembly, designed to inspire the sense of openness and collaboration in you. Whether you’re attending workshops, conferences, or meetings the Green Field is tailored to optimize collaboration and facilitate collaborative growth.
The Operation Base
Our fully equipped operation base is made for knowledge exchange, best practice sharing, and cooperative learning. It’s the powerhouse of our Academy, and the core space for our trainings & programs.
The Inspiration Station
A brainstorming tank designed with a striking balance between work & play. The Inspiration Station is fully equipped for Eureka moments and ping pong thinking streaks.
The Dare Zone
At our Dare Zone, you get to test your limitations and acquire new perspectives both literally and proverbially. When creativity hangs in mid-air, sometimes you need to reach out and grab it.
The Chill Roof
Where no dull conversation can take place. The chill roof is a space to recharge, refresh, and rekindle your relationships. To be the best possible version of yourself, sometimes you need to lay back, enjoy the fresh air and the presence of your teammates.