We heard you and we’ve rethought how training programs should be!

Saradar Bank is introducing a new approach to learning and networking in collaboration with ESA business school.

100 students will be part of a 360-training program experience offering 10 online workshops on Banking, Investment, Tech and Finance, in summer 2020.

Ready to be part of a distinctive digital learning experience that will set you up for a brighter and better future?

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Your Direct Advantages
The program is curated in collaboration with ESA Business School and qualifies you for a certificate of accomplishment. ESA is also offering valuable discounts on their Bachelor’s and Post-graduate degrees for top performers.
Every day at the training program brings numerous opportunities to grow your network with top-tier business & banking professionals. The learning curve is steep!
Get hands-on experience by working on real-life scenarios and interacting with real banking specialists. Empower yourself and prepare for a promising financial future.
Your Playground
Specialize & grow
Immerse yourself in a 10 online workshops experience from a variety of core courses on Banking, Investment, Tech and Finance.
Learn & network
Elevate your knowledge by connecting with top tier professionals and academics. Connect with fellow students and interact with our Bank Specialists.
Adapt & commit
Unlike any other training program, adapt and learn about the new banking and finance world and take a deep dive into financial literacy, from both Bank and ESA specialists.
Work & get certified
Set your learning path with courses and hands-on experiences and get a certificate by Saradar Bank in collaboration with ESA business school.
Your Commitment

During this training journey, you will be requested to watch videos, do some readings and complete assignments at your convenience.

Each learning path incorporates a live online workshop with our experts where you will get to interact with fellow Young Leaders.

The online workshops’ schedule is 2 to 3 times per week in the afternoon.

Topics you will be learning about

1. A Complete Breakdown on Banking

2. Client Journey: Onboarding

3. Retail Banking Explained

4. The Way Money Flows

5. Secrets of the Trade: Private Banking and Financial Markets

6. Banking in a Digital World

7. Data and Digital Storytelling

8. Is Fintech the Future of Banking?

9. Blockchain Technology and its use cases in the financial industry

10. Machine learning and the future of jobs in the banking industry

Looks like you’ve got what it takes!
Apply now if you’re:

* Aged between 16-25

* Must be residing in Lebanon

* Available between July 1st to July 31st 2020

* Tech Savvy and remarkably curious

* Willing to learn and relearn concepts quickly

* Self-motivated individual looking for the next big challenge